El Parador, Camden [GUEST HAIKU]

By How to Make a Mess 

Hot pepper roulette
Equal division; but the
Morcilla is mine.

Grilled Padrón peppers 3

Padron peppers pan fried with virgin olive oil and sea salt £5.90
Perfectly seasoned and delicious.  Added joy on suddenly finding one of the few hot peppers hidden amongst the rest.  I managed to pick out three spicy ones.



Spanish Tortilla £4.50
Very nice, potato slices soft and egg just barely on the point of being set, but I probably still prefer those I’ve had home cooked by my Spanish aunt.
I didn’t notice the weird grey bit at the front of the wedge until going through the photos.  The tortilla was shared so I must have avoided that section, although my friend didn’t mention it either.  How odd.


Morcilla with roasted apple and onions

Morcilla pan fried with apple, caramelised red onions,
watercress and flat parsley £6.50

My absolute favourite dish of the meal, savoury, meaty, porky, delicious morcilla together with soft sweet onions and a slight sharpness from the pan-fried apple.  As my friend was vegetarian I got it all to myself which made me very happy because I really didn’t want to share.


Roasted sweet potato

Sweet potatoes roasted with rosemary, coriander seeds and garlic, pan fried with smoked paprika oil, roasted cherry tomatoes and ruby chard £5.80
My vegetarian friend’s alternative to the morcilla.  I tried some and found it nice but unremarkable which is a shame given how delicious the description sounds.  She really enjoyed it though so everyone was happy in the end.


We used the three for two lunch time tapas offer and so only paid for three of our dishes.

El Parador
245 Eversholt Street
020 7387 2789
El Parador on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to El Parador, Camden [GUEST HAIKU]

  1. The Grubworm says:

    Fresh spicy crunch with
    meaty blood sausage, sounds so
    good (begone gray spot!)

  2. Overexposed pics
    Makes the plates look like halos
    Holy tapas here?

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